Download the Fallout: New Vegas Graphic Novel to Your Pip-Boy, er, iPad Today

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Originally, the graphic novel tied into Fallout: New Vegas was only available by buying the collector's edition of last year's post-nuke RPG. But Bethesda's announced that you can now download All Roads to iDevices. Written by Chris Avellone—creative director for New Vegas—with interior art by Jean Diaz (Boom's Incorruptible) and Wellinton Alves (Marvel's Shadowland: Blood on the Streets), All Roads served as a prequel to the events of FNV. So, if you loved the stories of the radioactive badlands you found in the game, all you FNV completists should probably get to downloading.

Fallout: New Vegas Graphic Novel Now Available For Download [BethBlog]

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so you guys like more Fallout 3 or New Vegas ?