Psychonauts developers Double Fine Productions did not release Brütal Legend last month (yes, we really need to check their news feed more often). Instead it released Tasha's Game, a Flash-based 2D platformer that's all rainbows, pink ponies, flying cats and shit. Despite not being Brütal Legend [Ed's note — :( ] Tasha's Game is still charming and fun, full of "pointless unlockables" and swell mechanics. That swell mechanic we're talking about is the build-your-own-platform one, with carefully placed "platform ammunition" scattered around each level. Tasha's Game is pitched by Double Fine as a "Tasha simulator" for anyone out there interested in experiencing accurate jumping-while-wearing-a-hoodie. We'd recommend giving it — and Double Fine's previous mini-game effort Epic Saga — some of your highly in demand internet time. Tasha's Game [Double Fine Productions via Waxy]