Double Your Gears of War 2 Video Intake This Friday

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GameTrailers TV isn't the only outlet getting a helping of Gears of War 2 video exclusivity, as 1UP—read GameVideos—is touting its own must see clip. It's hitting the internet at 10:30 PM Pacific Time, beating Spike TV's programming in some time zones. 1UP makes no promises about Cliffy B face time, sadly. But double the Gears of War 2 footage will make this Friday a night full of meat cubes and zipper-straining fan-boners. You are quite welcome for the imagery! It's the least I can do.


Exclusive Gears of War 2 Gameplay Video on Friday [1UP]

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Darth Tigris

You know, this footage has the opportunity to REALLY get people pumped. I'm not expecting to be blown away, because I'm just not expecting a ton of gameplay footage or surprises. But I'm VERY curious and want to see it.

What's really nice is that, since I don't have Spike HD, I'll still be able to see it in HD online Friday.