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Dota 2's New Puppy Sidekick Is Cute, But Expensive As Hell

Illustration for article titled iDota 2s/i New Puppy Sidekick Is Cute, But Expensive As Hell

Meet Aurora. Aurora is a wolf-pup that comes packaged with an upcoming skin for a Dota 2 character called Crystal Maiden. Aurora costs twenty eight dollars.


It's not as if the package, which is releasing as a part of an event that celebrates the Chinese New Year, only gets you a wolf puppy that can follow you around in battle. It also includes the following, according to the official Dota 2 website:

Custom spell effect for Freezing Field

Aurora, wolf pup of Icewrack

Animated wolf pup chat


All new animations

Custom base skin with special ambient effects

Custom death effects

Custom loadout pose, effects, and pedestal

Custom hero and ability icons

Also includes ability point bonuses:

2400 Ability Points for the Year Beast Brawl event

Allows you and your team to earn Ability Points for each victory in a regular match during the Year Beast Brawl event.


Not bad! But let's be real, anyone purchasing this will probably be interested in the puppy most of all. The other stuff is just a bonus. I mean, look at this thing:

Illustration for article titled iDota 2s/i New Puppy Sidekick Is Cute, But Expensive As Hell

So is a puppy worth 28 dollars? That's for you to decide, I suppose. Contrast this to the hottest new League of Legends character skin, which radically changes what a character looks like, as well as alters League of Legend's entire soundtrack for 25 bucks. It's curious to see how the two big MOBAs handle these sorts of things.


Also worth noting: the upcoming patch will also add a new character, called Winter Wyvern. Winter Wyvern is an ice dragon....


...which you can read about over here. Frankly, adding a dragon to Dota 2 feels kind of boring, especially when compared to a cute wolf puppy. Sorry, Winter Wyvern.


So I'll pose this question to you instead: which is better, World of Warcraft's fire corgi, or Dota 2's ice wolf? Choose wisely.

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It's not surprising. Seeing as this skin is an arcana, that's just a regular price - the rest of the skins of such rarity can be bought for $35. That's the limited bunch of skins that change basically every aspect of the hero - in terms of cosmetics, of course. That said, a puppy addition is an all-new feature, so having THAT thrown in along with a skin that changes your whole hero is a gimmick many players will surely like.

That said... According to Cyborgmatt, Dota's secret-agent-slash-patch-eviscerator-slash-reviewer, Aurora will move away for a considerable distance whenever an enemy is approaching. Which brings a simple question to my mind - will it move away even if the enemy that's approaching is invisible? If so, that's a handicap CM players will like; and other players will raise a fuss about.