Dota 2 Player Compiles 4,000-Word List Of Bugs After Huge Patch

Art by Baldi Konijn / Artstation

Dota 2's massive December 11th patch added a new hero, an HUD redesign and, apparently, loads of bugs. On Reddit yesterday, Dota 2 player DimitrijaT published nearly 200 bugs he personally encountered or learned of on the Dota 2 subreddit, PC Games News reports.

The post totals about 4,000 words and includes bugs like “neutral creep spawn outside of camp” and “You can no longer select your text in the in-game chat” that Dota 2's December patch may 7.00 may have introduced.


Players have widely reported lagginess and frame-rate drops after Patch 7.00’s release. Some say the chat interface is now super clunky or that All Random Deathmatch simply does not work.

Other complaints are a bit more specific. DimitrijaT’s post, you can read all about how the “Dragon Knight’s Stun range indicator does not change when Dragon Knight enters Dragon Form. Dragon Form changes the cast range, but in order to maximize this, you will be stunning units outside the range indicator” and that “Buying an item such as Bloodstone or Octarine Core with brown boots may result in building arcanes.”

Since the patch’s introduction, the Dota 2 team has regularly updated the game with bug fixes.

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