Doomfist Finally Comes To Overwatch


At long last, Overwatch’s gauntlet-wearing villain Doomfist is seeing the light of day. The new character has been teased since before publisher Blizzard even released Overwatch, and now, players can finally try him out on Overwatch’s public test region.

Doomfist, whose real name is Akande Ogundimu, is a cybernetic offense character whose hand cannon gauntlet knocks opponents down. Blizzard writes, “In addition to dealing ranged damage with his Hand Cannon, Doomfist can slam the ground, knock enemies into the air and off balance, or charge into the fray with his Rocket Punch. When facing a tightly packed group, Doomfist leaps out of view, then crashes down to earth with a spectacular Meteor Strike.”

His Seismic Slam move, where he leaps forward and smashes opponents toward him, looks like it will be particularly fun on attack maps.


Here’s his trailer. And, spoiler... he’s not voiced by Terry Crews:

Overwatch lore paints Doomfist as a legendary villain, the leader of more nefarious characters like Reaper and Widowmaker. On Tuesday, publisher Blizzard gave players a bit of history that foretold Doomfist’s long-anticipated arrival. In Overwatch’s world, there had been a prison break at the maximum-security facility where Doomfist was locked up.

We first heard of Doomfist in Overwatch’s 2014 cinematic trailer, where a child visiting an Overwatch museum sees Doomfist’s gauntlet showcased behind glass. In the intervening months, players encountered a half dozen red herrings in anticipation of Doomfist’s release: nearly every mysterious new hero was preceded by whispers of Doomfist. Prior to the robot Orisa’s release, a giant fist-shaped dent in a Numbani wall had players sure that Doomfist was coming—but he wasn’t just yet.

We can’t wait to try him out.

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As cool as a new offensive character is, I’m really curious where they are going to go after this. They’ve now achieved parity in new character class additions, so just start over I suppose? Really want to see where they go with a new support class character, maybe a new dedicated healer in the vein of Mercy.