Doom with Mechs, Tanks and Helicopters Looks Like a Fun Time

SGtMarkIV, the creator of the Brutal Doom mod, has posted a new video where he demos another Doom mod of his. It features vehicular (and mecha) combat.


This is the video. You might wanna lower your volume a bit ‘cause it’s super loud:

There sure is a lot you can still do with the nearly 23-year-old Doom Engine, huh?

MarkIV says the mod is separate from Brutal Doom, and works with any gameplay mod and map. If you wanna play around with it, there’s a download link in the video’s description. Note that you’ll need a modern source port, either GZDoom or Zandronum 3.0, to run it (in addition to a copy of a Doom game, of course.)

If that sounds complicated, there’s still the video. Fortunately it’s quite long. And loud.


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