Doom Running On A Nintendo Game & Watch

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Screenshot: stacksmashing

Nintendo’s new Game & Watch re-release is of course built on new hardware, not stuff from the 80s, so folks have been able to do some interesting things with the handheld’s code. Like, first things first, getting Doom up and running.


stacksmashing had to make a few modifications to pull this off—like stripping the world of textures—but hey, you do what you gotta do to play Doom on a Game & Watch.

Note that only the very start of the video is “man playing Doom”, the rest is a detailed explanation on exactly how it was done. So if you want to find out how the 1993 shooter was crunched down and squeezed into a tiny novelty handheld, watch the whole thing.

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The build quality looks really nice. Despite having a similar price point to the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., the Game Gear Micro is an insulting cash grab by Sega.