Image source: ICARUSLIV3S.
Image source: ICARUSLIV3S.

Watching this video of an army of Crash Bandicoots leaping at a man who has a gun but is unable to escape the screams—oh god, the screams—it strikes me that what’s considered scary in the year 2017 is very different from what frightened us back in ‘90s, when the original Doom first came out.

The “Woah! Crash Bandicoot” Doom mod turns every enemy into a leaping, constantly shrieking Crash Bandicoot. It’s fucked up. Here’s a video of the mod in action, courtesy of ICARUSLIV3S (via PCGamesN):

Back in the day, we were afraid of demons. Now we’re all older and, as a result, wise enough to know that we should’ve been terrified of beloved platformer mascots reborn as demons all along. Indeed, times have truly changed.


The mod apparently has just one bug. According to its creator, “A weird orange rat appears sometimes.” For some reason, I find that nearly as upsetting as the whole “Crash Bandicoot trying to suck me into his gaping hell maw” thing.

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