Doodle Jump Passes Four-Million Sold

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The iPhone and iPod Touch game Doodle Jump may be one of the hottest paid video games on the planet. One month after passing the three million mark worldwide, the game has now sold more than four million ($.99) copies.


"Those are all paid downloads as there never was a 'lite' free version and Doodle Jump never had a 'free for a day' or similar promotions," the game's co-creator ,Igor Pusenjak of development studio Lima Sky, told Kotaku. That four million mark represents sales on the iPhone/iPod's App store. The game is also available for other portable platforms.

The Doodle Jump creators said in March that they had passed three million in sales. The game was released in the fall of 2009.

While Doodle Jump may be very cheap, it thrives despite the challenges of being sold in a crowded App Store marketplace.

The game may succeed both due to its prominence on lists of hot App Store games and also because of its enjoyable simplicity. It is a basic vertical jumping game controlled by gentle tilts of a vertically-held iPhone or iPod Touch. The lead character jumps and jumps and jumps up from one floating platform to the next, until you allow him to miss just once. One failure and it's over, an ideal game to cram into a random 60 seconds of free time.

Touch Arcade reports that Doodle Jump is also heading for the iPad.



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