Here's a tip: if you pre-order something from EA directly, don't change your address. Especially if the game you're pre-ordering is a limited edition release. Otherwise, it'll end in tears. Consumerist reader Micah pre-ordered the shiny collectors edition of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning a while back, but recently moved house. When he moved, he let EA know that he'd moved, and asked if they could sends his game to the new address. Which - and only after a bunch of ridiculously inept customer service emails - it turns out they can't do. What they can do, however, is get rude and cancel his pre-order entirely. Hit the link below for the full story; haters of big business and automated customer service emails alike should get a kick out of it. Electronic Arts Can't Process Address Change, Cancels Your Sold-Out Pre-Ordered Collector's Edition Of Warhammer [The Consumerist]