Don't Worry: Even If Your Power Goes Out, You Can Still Play Games For 47 Hours

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Worried that a power outage might prevent you from playing video games? Worried you might have to do something unimaginable, like talk to other people?


Fret not! I've crunched some of the numbers, and as long as you're up to date on your portable gaming, you should be able to avoid human contact for almost two entire days. Forty-seven hours. If you take time to eat and sleep, that could be enough to get you through one serious power failure. (And I'm not even counting any gaming devices that have batteries! If you're stocked up, that Game Boy Color could last you the next four weeks.)

Here's a quick list:

Nintendo 3DS - ~5 hours

PlayStation Vita - ~4 hours

Nintendo DSi - ~12 hours

PlayStation Portable - ~7 hours

iPad, Nexus 7, or other tablet - ~10 hours

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, or other smart phone - ~5 hours

Gaming Laptop - Anywhere between 2 and 8 hours, depending on your laptop's specs and settings. Let's say ~4 hours.


Diablo III - 0 hours

So start charging! Also, if you haven't started charging already, you're probably screwed. Sorry.

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I sincerely doubt that you're going to get 10 hours of gaming from a tablet. Ten hours of movie watching, yeah, but gaming is more intensive and I would guess that this would be halved.

Love the D3 joke, though.