Don't Worry About Missing Assassin's Creed II Retailer-Tied Bonus Levels

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If pre-ordering Assassin's Creed II from Gamestop is not an option, there will be other ways to get all of the game's content.


During my recent interview with Assassin's Creed II creative director Patrice Desilets of Ubisoft Montreal, the man who said he doesn't relate to the motivations of obsessive collectors said that no gamer will be locked out from accessing all of the content created for the game, including the pre-order maps marketed just through select retailers.

"Eventually everyone will have the entire game," he said. "I made sure of that. Because I'm Canadian, I don't have the same shops as you do. So I wanted to make sure I could at least someday play everything in the game. Eventually there's going to be, okay, let's unlock everything."

Desilets did not say how or when the content would be made available to all gamers nor how much it will cost. As of now, the only announced way to get two extra levels for the game — set in the Palazzo Medici and Santa Maria Dei Frari — is by pre-ordering a collectors edition of the game through GameStop.


Jay Dwight

This game is probably going to suck just like the first one. The videos and trailers made Assasins Creed 1 look amazing, I shelled out $70 for the collectors edition and the game was horrible.

This time the game is supposed to fix everything that was wrong, but I bet they fall short again. I mean, did they play test the first one? Give it to any gamer and they'd have told you it was a repetitive piece of garbage.

Anyways, paying extra money for levels that are obviously already finished is BS to begin with, doesn't matter if I'll be able to purchase them eventually. And key word here is purchase. BUY something that is done before the game was released.

I will not be buying this game new, if at all.