Don't Worry About Final Fantasy XI Just Yet

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There have been rumors swirling on the Japanese internet that Square Enix's MMORPG Final Fantasy XI will be ending this year. Time for Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada to fire up his Twitter account.


You know, the one with the fluffy dog avatar.

Online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV will be hitting the PS3 and the PC sometime this year. Thus, these rumors seem to be based off the idea that Square Enix will shutter Final Fantasy XI to focus on the upcoming FFXIV. But is it truth?

Wada has poured water on the rumor by tweeting, "There seems to be a rumor that FFXI is ending, but if that was done, we'd be in trouble." That remark was followed with a emoticon of face grimacing.

There are people still playing Final Fantasy XI, and the game still seems to be making money for Square Enix. (Isn't it still the biggest MMORPG in Japan?!) That doesn't mean that one day Square Enix will shutter Final Fantasy XI. One day, we could all be wearing hamburgers on our feet and eating shoes. Who knows!

日々是遊戯:「FF11」が今年で終了!? 和田社長「そんなことされたら困りますっ ><」 [IT Media] [Pic]



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