Don't Watch This For T&A, Watch It For Button Mashing

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Playboy's Jo Garcia is a big gamer. Ultimate Fighting Championship octagon girl Brittney Palmer is a big button masher. Together, they go boob-to-boob knuckle-to-knuckle in Mortal Kombat.


It's kinda hard to tell what's going on, between the shiny pastels, the bizarro controller exercises (PowerGlove, really?) and the whole schtick. Shouldn't be any surprises for what this is all about - button mashing.


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Jo Garcia in Mortal Kombat vs. UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer (Video) - Sexy Photo Gallery [Playboy Thanks, Nathan!]

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Drizzt - Bye Gawker. Not converting mah account for noone round these parts. Noone.

Sorry I only care about the T&A ...