Looking mildly like Zynga's first foray into religious Facebook scamming, Journey of Jesus is Lightside Games' attempt to get us all putting down our other social games and start playing one where we can learn about Jesus instead.

As a game, it's horrific. It turns an educational yarn about the Bible into a grinding Facebook adventure game. Click on axe to collect axe! Click axe on tree stump to clear path to baptism! Collect coins!

So, yes, it's not really an educational title at all. While there's the veneer of religious study to proceedings, it's really just a procession of clicking, with the emphasis on buying crap with real money, just like any other Facebook game.

About the only redeeming thing I can see if that, if you want to be an asshole, there's the option to spam your friends lists with random bible quotes (though you can only do it once every ten hours).

Which is a shame! I'm not a religious man, but regardless the Bible - and especially the Old Testament - is an amazing story, one which not enough games are able (or willing) to tackle.


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