Don't Throw Up, Xbox Japan Man!

The guys from "Xbox Mission Department" have returned and are securing titles for the Xbox 360.

The guy with the Xbox 360 logo for a noggin is named Sanrokumaru, or literally three-six-o. He speaks only through the Xbox 360's "X" noise. In one of the ads below, there is a teaser for the next Xbox 360 title, which has been censored as "XXXX".


The Xbox Mission Department travels back to feudal Japan to do appeal to shogun Oda Nobunaga. Koei's strategy series Nobunaga's Ambition began in 1983 and is finally is coming to the Xbox 360. Nobunaga no Yabou: Tendo was released on the PC last fall.

In this ad, the Xbox Mission Department are eating and drinking. The department chief won't divulge the game's title, saying it's a secret. Instead he gives a hint by scribbling on a piece of paper. It looks like a robot! Sanrokumaru appears like he's going to barf at the commercial's end.

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