I have children—a whole bunch of them. And I can more than sympathize when parents have to deal with them as they cry, scream, and have to go to the bathroom. That being said, the Apple Store is not a toilet, so don't let you kids tinkle on the showroom floor.

The following photo was snapped at the Apple Store in Hong Kong: A mother holding a cup so her kid can go to the bathroom. Right in the middle of the Apple Store.

Look at that clerk's face.


Just look at it.

On Weibo, China's microblog service, people are ticked off, speculating that after the kid went peepee, the mother didn't wash her hands and then touched a whole bunch of Apple products, getting pee germs everywhere. Online, the incident is being called "iPee."


As website Beijing Cream points out, this Hong Kong Apple Store isn't the only place were kids are taking leaks. In neighboring China, it's not unheard of for kids to urinate in public, whether that's in the street, in restaurants, or on the subway.

In recent years, many people in China have become less forgiving for these displays of public urination.

And peeing in Apple Stores is not only a Chinese thing, either, as little kids are apparently having accidents in the U.S., too.


Sometimes little kids can't hold it! When that happens, take them to the restroom. If there isn't one, usher them outside and find some bushes.

China boy pees inside #HK #Apple Store [@Badcanto via Beijing Cream]

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