Don't Let a Cyborg Interrupt Your PlayStation Game

The latest PlayStation ad is trumpeting this holiday season as a "good chance" to pick up PlayStation games and hardware. Retro super hero Kikaider pops up to remind a family of just that.


This is actually a Japanese pun as the character's name "Kikaider" (キカイダー) carries the nuance of "machine" (機会 or "kikai"). Here, Sony is explicitly using the Japanese word for "chance", which is said as "kikai", but uses different characters (機会). Oh, Sony, you're so punny.

PS Vita&PS3 「年末はPSを買う良い機会ダー」篇 [YouTube via Kotaku Japan]

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Trivial typo, but I believe you meant 機械 when you referred to machine, Mr. Bash.