Don't Hold Your Breath for Red Steel 2 Just Yet...

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You'll turn blue, pass out. Well, according to this rumor French Wii news site Wiiz is running that says the game won't be out something like Winter 2009. Ubisoft's announced the game is using the MotionPlus add-on, so maybe it'll be there when the peripheral launches — but for Ubisoft's sake, we hope that doesn't happen. The last thing we need is another rushed Red Steel game. Well that, and pictures of Ubisoft devs with the Wii-mote. Red Steel 2, pas avant fin 2009 ? [Wiiz via Go Nintendo]

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The first one was a launch title... remember that, people. I can't stand the current industry mentality of, "If it's not AAA and doesn't live up to my expectations 100%, it's the worst game I've ever played."

This will only serve to make sure fewer developers will take risks at the launch of new systems and in general.