Don't Hold Your Breath For More Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Content

"MvsC3 is out, done and dusted, no further announcements planned" [via Capcom Europe's Twitter Thanks, Iced!]

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Koda Kazar

I wonder why that is? Did the game not sell well enough to warrant extra content? Or did the DLC not sell well enough?

Why would they hold that fan poll to see which characters we'd want as DLC if there isn't going to be any further content?

EDIT: So, I just looked up how well MvC3 sold, and worldwide for both consoles it barely sold over a million copies. That means the game bombed.....multiplatform releases on the HD consoles need to sell at least 2 million copies combined before it can be considered a success. So there you go, guys, the game sold bad.