To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews Yep, too many games coming out, too little time to play them all... An amazing feat: This week I left my house three times during the week and ventured far from my house. It's a given that I must leave the house on the weekend — typically going on some sort of outing so my family doesn't go mental. Sure, during the week, I go to the nearby park and play daily games of soccer with Mini-Bash. But getting on a train or driving further than the supermarket? Doesn't really happen! This week, I went to Tokyo, Shinsaibashi in Osaka and Umeda in Osaka. Amazing. While out of my work hovel this week, I saw that Christmas decorations are starting to go up. Too quick! Some shops have Halloween decorations (a holiday that is getting bigger and bigger every year), but like tonight, I saw those being taken down and holiday ones going up. That means the country will get about two months of Christmas music before shoehorning in Japanese New Year's in late December. I really should go outside more. Really. What you missed last night DSi Will Be Out In US, Europe No Later Than Summer 2009 How The DS And Wii Are Doing Sales-Wise Rumor: Team Working On "Ultra-Real" Spielberg Game Laid Off Casual Devs Agree: Apple Great, Sony Nintendo Not As Great Which DS And Wii Games Have Been Selling? Let Us Tell You The Great 2009 Nintendo Release Schedule Why You Can't Own Rock Band AND Guitar Hero: World Tour Ellen Gives Away Xbox 360s, Audience Wails Like Banshees Sarah Palin To Shoot Moose, Obama In Mercs 2

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