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Don't Expect Tales of Vesperia On The Wii Just Yet...

Illustration for article titled Dont Expect Tales of Vesperia On The Wii Just Yet...

DOH. Just like we thought — popular Japanese voice actor Rikiya Koyama has confused Tales of Vesperia with Wii title Tales of Graces.


Last week we reported that Koyama wrote on his official blog: "Tales of Vesperia is coming out on one thing after another: Xbox 360, then PS3, and now upcoming, goes on sale even on the Wii. More shortly, the feature film anime version is also opening in theaters (But, I, I'm not in it...), and after that, there's also a CD."

Koyama voices the character of Duke in Tales of Vesperia, which was originally released as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive in 2008. The PS3 version was released in September 2009.


The voice actor has since updated his blog, writing, "About the game's sale on the Wii, I mistook Takes of Graces with Tales of Vesperia! To everyone connected to this, I am truly sorry!!!!"

力也の気持ち。 [−小山力也公式ブログ−声優グランプリweb]

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Takes of Graces?

....Cakes of Graces? #talesofvesperia