Don't Expect Much Story From Mario Galaxy 2

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There were two big surprises to be found with Mario Galaxy: firstly, that it had a substantive story, and secondly, that the story was good. Pity, then, the sequel won't be doing anything of the sort.


Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said that, despite the love fans had for the first game's plot (centred around Rosalina and the adorable Lumas), "I'd like to go with as little story as possible...I've always felt that the Mario games themselves aren't particularly suited to having a very heavy story."

All well and good, except Miyamoto doesn't have as direct a role in the series as he once did. Instead, the job of creating these big Mario games now lies with Yoshiaki Koizumi, who is at odds with his mentor's stance on plot.


"Mr. Koizumi is the type of person who, whenever we're working on a new Mario game, he always wants to bring more story elements into it, as he did with Super Mario Galaxy" Miyamoto says. "But in talking with him this time, he agrees and feels that with Galaxy 2, there won't be a need for as deep of a story".


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Vin St. John

"Substantive"? "Good"? Really? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for plot (I love the Mario RPG games) and I'm not above a lighthearted, storybook-esque plot, either. But the "story" in Mario Galaxy was the game's biggest detriment, in my opinion. The game relished in how eclectic its level designs were, and to try to "make sense" of them with a plot that "explained" the presence of a hub world floating in space just soiled the experience a little bit for me. The "story time" elements were paced poorly and presented in a separate, "story time" room, removing their relevance from the rest of the game.

I was excited briefly in the game when I thought they were going to reveal that the little girl in the story was Peach, essentially going far deeper in the plot by giving her an "origins story," but alas, it was only about the new character Rosalina, a carbon copy who I had little reason to care about.

Lastly, they gave the game an ending that made no sense, since you essentially confront Bowser in the exact same way twice in the game. Double that if you re-play it (which the game encourages).