The Force Unleashed the movie? "Not impossible" says the game's project lead Haden Blackman. Already getting a comic book and a novel tie-in, The Force Unleashed is set between Episode III and Episode IV and follows Darth Vader's secret apprentice as he hunts down Jedi. About the chance of a Force Unleashed flick:

Never say never. George [Lucas] has looked to tell new Star Wars stories through the games and with the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, and then he has also shown a willingness to let the characters come into the films.

Kinda wish they would've made The Force Unleashed as the third movie, Episode III as the second movie and Episode II as the first movie. Episode I could've done with a good shitcanning. Will 'Force Unleashed' be the next 'Star Wars' film? [LA Times via The Escapist via Go Nintendo] [Pic]