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Don't Be Surprised if Tales Characters Appear in Smash Bros.

Illustration for article titled Dont Be Surprised if emTales/em Characters Appear in emSmash Bros./em
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So Namco Bandai is making the new Smash Bros. games. Know what that means, don't you?


There's a really good chance Namco characters will pop up in Smash Bros.

Tales director and producer Yoshito Higuchi tells The Official Nintendo Magazine that he would totally be happy if Tales characters appeared in Smash Bros. Of course he would! That would be great for the Tales games.


"Maybe if we beg Sakurai-san, it will happen!" Tales producer Makoto Yoshizumi clarified, adding, "I think it's still too early to talk about it."

Ultimately, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has the final say over which characters appear in the game.

"We need to keep in mind that a character can only appear in a Smash Bros. game if he already appeared on a Nintendo console," added Yoshizumi. This is one of the conditions, and many Tales characters do not fulfill it. Of course, some do, like characters from Tales of Symphonia or Tales of the Abyss."

You just watch as Namco turns these games into Smash Bros. Nintendo X Namco. You just watch.


Namco Bandai director would love Tales characters to be in Smash Bros Wii U [ONM]

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KingKellogg the Waffle Haggler

I dont think it means that it will happen,I just think it will make the chances higher.

Which I would love,the more characters the better