This is Sam Clovis. He is Donald Trump’s political advisor. Forget what you think of Trump or his politics, this guy totally looks like the coach from iconic Japanese manga Slam Dunk.

That coach, of course, being Mitsuyoshi Anzai, who is widely respected as one of the best coaches in Japan.

[Image via 2ch]

“You haven’t improved at all...” says the coach.

Slam Dunk, which debuted in 1990, has sold over 120 million copies in Japan, making it one of the most successful manga ever.

[Image via 2ch]

As pointed out on 2ch, the resemblance is truly uncanny. Clovis even looks like Anzai’s anime version:

[Image: アクション・殺陣・ヒーローチャンネル]

If this politics thing doesn’t work out for Clovis, he can always get a job as an Anzai impersonator.

Top image via 2ch | Photoshop: Kotaku

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