I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my least favorite racist on the Citadel.

Continuing his tendency to Tweet absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous, Donald Trump recently shared the following video with his 7.3 million followers:


Yes, that is Mass Effect music and voice acting throughout the ad, which appropriately ends with a title card reading “TRUMP EFFECT.” I think we’re supposed to understand that Hillary Clinton is one of the Reapers in this analogy? A Reaper...dog? I’m not sure, because really, the ad is hilariously terrible.

Here’s the original Mass Effect 2 trailer, if you’d like to compare:

Trump didn’t make the Trump Effect ad of course; he credits another Twitter account, who credits a YouTube account, which redirects to “Commander Trumpard.” It’s entirely possible that whoever made it initially meant it as a troll. Whatever the origins, Trump has seen it and deemed it worthy enough to share/endorse. What a time to be alive.

And yes, folks at Bioware have definitely seen it too:



Update 4/4 2:33 PM: EA has taken the video down on YouTube, but at the moment it is still available via Trump’s tweet:

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