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Donald Trump Makes Civilization V Great Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you think Donald Trump would be a disaster for the USA/world given 4-8 years of leadership, imagine the devastation if he was allowed to reign for millennia.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, a mod for Civilization V that turns the coiffured spud into one of the game’s immortal leaders, granting America a new set of very Trump-like perks and abilities.



  • The Great Wall has been replaced by The Great Wall of America.
  • In keeping his with ability to make things great, Trump’s first Golden Age lasts the rest of the game. To balance that out, though, your population unhappiness increases by, oh, 100%.
  • The game’s infantry unit is replaced by Border Patrol, which is weaker but has a combat bonus in friendly territory.

The mod was actually made last year, but for reasons of me Googling “Donald Trump Civ V mod lol” earlier today, here it is.