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Political Ads Show Donald Trump As A Bad Overwatch Player

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’re still having trouble imagining Donald Trump as a bad candidate for President of the United States, maybe a website framing it in terms of him being a bad Overwatch player might help. UPDATE: There’s also an actual giant billboard, in the real world, with the gravest insult of the 2016 election campaign thus far: it says he mains Hanzo.

That’s what The Nuisance Commitee (a Super PAC created by Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin) have done, with Trump Is Not A Team Player, a website that takes his political tendencies and reframes them as if he were a no good Overwatch player who complains about lag, his teammates, broken controllers and hackers.


As a political ad, eh, who cares. If you haven’t made your mind up by now who you’re going to vote for, this ain’t gonna swing it. But for those who have, and have opted for Not Trump, it’s a fun exercise in good times, mostly for the excellent illustrations depicting him in Overwatch costumes.


UPDATE: Hahah they paid for an actual billboard that gives him shit about maining Hanzo.