Sonic Forces’s character creator helps bring your DeviantArt creations to life to create wolf dudes, bird gals, and bear pals. Staff writer Gita Jackson and I took this opportunity to create Kotaku’s official fursona. Please don’t steal.

Set in a world where Doctor Robotnik (who I refuse to call Eggman) has conquered most of the planet, Sonic Forces follows a rag-tag resistance led by Knuckles. They’ve just found a new recruit: you! Or your furry version anyway.

Using the character creator, Gita and I sorted through options to create Kotaku the Rabbit. She’s had a few edibles and might be slightly spaced out, but she’s here to bring you all the gaming news and reviews that you could ever want. Kotaku the Rabbit is a 100% original character who probably deserves all kinds of fan art.

Sonic Forces is out now for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. I will have a review for you later this week.