For goodness’ sake, someone get out there and help Domo-kun!

The mascot appeared at an NHK Trophy skating competition in Nagano, even taking to the ice in a special Domo-kun on Ice event.


This isn’t Domo-kun’s first time on the ice. As you can see in this clip, the character is quite a good skater.

Or you can see some of Domo-kun’s moves in the background of the above clip. But things took a spill for the worse.

[Photo: unta0430]


[Photo: unta0430]


[Photo: unta0430]


[Photo: unta0430]

Don’t just stand there you idiots!

Do something!

Thankfully, Japanese Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu was on hand to save Domo-kun before things got even more serious.


Forget breaking the 300-point mark, this is the most important thing Hanyu did at this competition.

GIF via yabezo_doga

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