Jobbers | In pro wrestling terms, "doing the job" means losing in a scripted match. The wrestlers that lose all the time are jobbers. (Buy the T-shirt here.)


Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Kotaku Review

In an epic tale of time-traveling heroism, Square Enix travels two years into the future to rectify the mistakes it made with Final Fantasy XIII. Have they found redemption with Final Fantasy XIII-2, or is history doomed to repeat itself? More »


How We Will Review Games

We've changed the way we review video games here at Kotaku. That makes this a perfect time to explain our approach to reviews and how the new system will work. More »


Game Critics Turn Back the Score Clock on Final Fantasy XIII-2

Tomorrow marks the second time in Final Fantasy history that Square Enix releases a direct console sequel to one of the numbered entries in the fabled series. More »


The Tomb Raider Porno Trailer is Good; The Script is Even Better

We are proud-proud, I say!-to exclusively present the safe-for-work trailer for Exquisite Films' upcoming Tomb Raider XXX, a porn parody of the Tomb Raider franchise. More »


I Just Ordered SoulCalibur V From Amazon and a Tiny Part of Me Died

Though hundreds of thousands of gamers swear by when it comes to ordering new releases or old favorites, I've never once ordered a video game from the popular online marketplace. More »


Dear Game Developers, We're Not All Idealized Androids (Some of Us Are Wizards)

You know how in many video games with character creation your attempts to make an older, wizened sort of character always result in the buffest old man you've ever seen due to their only being one body model for all male characters? More »


12 Bucks Is A Lot for an Old Game

Rayforce was first released in Japanese arcades in 1993-when I was fifteen. The game is now out on the iOS. For $11.99.
I honestly think this is the most expensive iPhone game I've played. More »

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