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Does This Make Up for the Delay, Japan?

Illustration for article titled Does This Make Up for the Delay, Japan?

Shadows of the Damned is out in the West. Kotaku's Game Club has been playing it. Japan hasn't.


The game won't be out in Japan until this fall. No worries, Japan, EA will make it up to you. EA is offering Japanese players the chance to get some Shadows of the Damned goodies when they purchase the game—namely a copy of phony pin-up mag Playbox and the game's soundtrack.


Playbox will have interviews with the game's creative forces, Goichi Suda, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yamaoka. That's the Paula, the girlfriend of Shadows of the Damned's hero, Garcia Hotspur.

The soundtrack is actually a download code for players to snag a digital version of the game's original soundtrack.

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First looking at that picture I saw a trampy short haired Taylor Swift. I think I need some help.