Does the World Really Need this Sega Meatbun?

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No. But the world is getting it. To mark the 20th anniversary of puzzle game Puyo Puyo, Sega is releasing Puyo Puyo meat buns in Japan.


Last fall, Square Enix did something similar for Dragon Quest. The result was both horrific and amusing. Expect the same for PuyoPuyo.


ぷよぷよ [Sega]

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I don't necessarily have a problem with meat buns..I'm just really perplexed as to why the Japanese feel the need to paint them unnatural colors. There's something distinctly off putting about that. I think the DQ Slime one pushed me over the edge with this.

Also, anthropomorphising food is creepy in all cases except for animal crackers and ice cream cake.

Ya herd? Ya herd.