Does Solid Snake Have...A Solid Snake?

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The United States is gearing up to elect a new president, gasoline prices are skyrocking, environmentalists are predicting doom for our planet, and on the internet the debate rages on - does Solid Snake have a penis? Binary Fractal has posted a long, rather crude essay explaining why he believes this clone of Big Boss was born without junk, citing photographic evidence, particular storylines, and Snake's relationship problems along the way. For example:

At the end of MGS Naomi was offering free strip searches to Snake (literally) and when she finally has him in front of him, naked, she starts crying like a bitch. Keep in ming that Naomi is the biggest whore in the MG universe and there's nothing that makes a whore cry more than having a man show up with no penis in her house.


My thoughts? He can't reproduce, he's dying prematurely, and the one girl he had the hots for doesn't have a grandpa complex. Damn guys, leave the poor man his penis.

Solid Snake Has No Penis [Binary Fractal - Thanks Luis!]

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on another point i guess kinda on topic, is it bad that when the cutscenes happen in mgs4, that someone always seems to zoom in on the bodies of the ladies? i just have a friend that does that and is feeling guilty. ;)