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The forthcoming Nintendo 3DS will cost ¥25,000. That's US$305! That's... a lot of cabbage. The handheld does not yet have a price point outside of Japan. But what does The Land of the Rising Sun think?


Website has the results of a poll that asked over 1,000 folks whether they think the Nintendo 3DS is expensive or cheap. Their responses:

• Slightly Expensive: 32.2 percent (323 replies)
• Expensive: 28.3 percent (284 replies)
• Too Expensive: 19.2 percent (192 replies)
• Reasonable: 16.4 percent (164 replies)
• Slightly Inexpensive: 2 percent (20 replies)
• Inexpensive: 0.9 percent (9 replies)


Note: Out of those who were polled, six did not respond to the question.

Out of those polled, comments included things like "I'm hesitant to buy it on launch day" or "That's not the price-tag of a child's toy." Others said the machine's specs did not seem to merit the price tag, while others believed that the pricing was fair.

Late last month, Kotaku asked its readers if the upcoming handheld was too expensive.


The Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Japan next February. It will not have the price-tag of a child's toy.

『ニンテンドー3DS』25000円は高いのか? 安いのか? 大規模1003人アンケート結果 - ガジェット通信 [GetNews]

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