At one time, Microsoft was in Hollywood, meeting with movie producers and trying to make a Halo movie. It didn't happen. And while Microsoft hasn't given up, the question remains:

Does Microsoft even need to make a Halo film?

"I don't know if we need a Halo movie", Microsoft Game Studios exec Phil Spencer told Kotaku. "If the right scenario came up, I could see us entertaining it. I don't think it's an integral part of where we are going."

Earlier this year, Frank O'Connor from Micrsoft's Halo branch, 343 Industries, noted that if Microsoft did make a Halo film, things such as toys, apparel, music and publishing would "will grow exponentially". O'Connor is right — those aspects would grow exponentially. But that makes it seem as though Halo isn't already a huge cultural juggernaut.


"I think it has moved beyond movies," Spencer added. "That doesn't mean we would shut the door on the possibility. I don't think it's a requirement." It's not. It's not at all.