Dodge Viper Or Ford Bronco? That Is The Blur Preorder Question

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Bizarre Creations' combat-racer Blur is coming May 25, and your choice of preorder locations determines which ride you'll get early access to in online multiplayer, because everyone loves retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses, right?


Durability is just as important in Blur racing as speed and style, so folks looking to put their money down on a copy for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC are now faced with a difficult decision. Do you preorder at GameStop and gain early access to the tough-as-nails Ford Bronco, or take your money to Best Buy and score the 600-horsepower Dodge Viper ACR?

If it helps any, GameStop preorders also gain access to the game's MotorMash mode at rank one, with the first five MotorMash earning double the fans for double the experience points, while Best Buy buyers just get a car.

If neither of those choices appeals, you can also preorder the game from Game Crazy for double the fans during your first three races, which isn't nearly as nice as a special car.

So what's it going to be? GameStop, Best Buy, Game Crazy, or striking back against the man for retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses?



I had this weird reaction to finding out the Viper was called the "Dodge Viper ACR", because I suddenly wondering if folks were going to complain about a lack of recoil and super accuracy. I should go play more Bad Company 2, to get MW2 out of my head.

But I'd totally go for the Viper. It's sexy. The Bronco looks like a big steel brick. I don't race SUVs in video games unless the SUV in question sports a machine gun, rocket launcher, or some other weapon of mass destruction. Viper all the way...