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Doctor Who Rises From Hiatus Tomorrow

Matt Smith returns as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in tomorrow's season premiere of Doctor Who, broadcast on BBC America at 9PM Eastern, and likely somewhere in the UK as well. Don't forget your bow-tie and fez.


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I haven't seem much of Matt Smith as the Doctor, considering my PBS station just started Season M-5 (keeping it separated from the classic series). I know I'm a season behind everybody, but I catch the shows commercial free & get Dr. Who Confidential as a bonus (to fill in the time originally reserved for commercials).

At the moment, David Tennant is currently the best Doctor of the modern series so far... ranking in the Top 3 Doctors of all time (IMO).

From the limit exposure to Smith, he seems to be a mix of the 5th Doctor in looks & a bit more of the 6th Doctor in personality (with a split personality thing going). Features of the 4th Doctor have been scaled back this time.