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Doctor Who Gets Awesome 50th Anniversary Google Doodle Game

Everybody's favorite Time Lord celebrates a half-century of spacetime adventures this weekend. And, just like they did with Star Trek, Google's cooked up a playable birthday card for the good Doctor.


The point-and-click game—right now, you'll need to go to to find it—has players trying to rescue the six GOOGLE letters from Daleks and Cybermen, with levels that kind of evoke the simple, low-budget charm of the British sci-fi TV show. I really love that your lives are made up of various incarnations of the Doctor. But, please don't let David Tennant die, aight?

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Can I just say that I'm REALLY tired of just HEARING about Dr. Who? Why the hell is it dominating my feed on facebook and everywhere else all the sudden? The show has been around for decades, and I just wish people could be mega-marathon-swooning-over-the-not-THAT-attractive-doctor-characters just A LITTLE bit quieter?

It's starting to feel a lot like the Pokemon of the 21st century (aka a thing I would have possibly liked if not for the incredibly annoying fanbase...).

*and don't say it's due to the Anniversary, this has been a problem for a few years now.