Doctor Advises No Games Before Sport

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A doctor working with the British Olympic Association has advised athletes to avoid playing games before sport, as it adversely affects their sleep patterns.

Writing on his blog, Dr. Marco Cardinale has four suggestions for those who enjoy their games as much as their athletic activity:

1) If your are travelling to train and compete and are crossing time zones, avoid using your laptop, DVD player, Ipod and similar tools and video games devices during the night. Get back to sleep!


2) If you are training and or competing the following day, avoid all of the above the night before such activities (training and competing) take place

3) Recovery time is meant to be for rest and piece. You don't want to play street fighter with your best mate and have your blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels go sky high because you lose!

4) There is a time and place and most of all a duration for your gaming and computing activities, make sure you don't negatively affect your performance because of that!

Man's got a point. Athletes need sleep, video games get your heart rate up, and when that happens you can't sleep. So athletes...try a good book instead. Maybe a book about video games?


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And here I was thinking the guy was going to say something about not playing Wii Sports or other assorted games, because I'd figure that would be even more likely to raise one's blood pressure than just playing some video games.

I can understand how this would be a good warning for folks who might want to play a few rounds of Peggle, and keep missing that one damn peg with that one damn ball because you ran out of power ups and of course you don't hit anything and when it flips a coin to see if you get an extra ball, you don't get it! Is That The Sort Of THING THAT CAN GET YOUR BLOODPRESSUREUPYOUGRAAAHHH—-

Uh, yeah, uh, stay away from stressful games: MW2, L4D2, Peggle, IWTBTG...