Doctaku, Day 2: Secretly Plotting Your Demise

Goooooood morning, Kotaku! It is I, your incredible weekend guest editor, Doc! Got a load of stuff planned for you today, including articles about the best X-Man, Why I should be given control of Duke Nukem, and a bunch of other stuff.

Brace yourself. It’s gonna get weird.

But first, hey, a little more Deltron.

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Doc Burford

Things I have learned:

1) obvious jokes must have the phrase “this is a joke” attached, or people on the internet won’t understand.

2) the majority of the commenters can be described as:

3) some commenters can be described as

4) people really love deltron

5) people REALLY love Brandon Sanderson, who had something like 15+ recommendations before I went to bed. I didn’t read all the comments after that. It was physically impossible.

6) running a website all by yourself is really stressful, but it’s fun as heck

7) people still remember me from my commenting days, but they don’t remember well. Just got a guy saying I only praise indie games or somethin because I’m a contrarian. While the obvious response to that is ‘no im not,’ I think it’s funny because one of the articles I wrote that I’ll be bumping today is about why Modern Warfare 2 is great.