Doc Brown Comes Back To The Future To Hype LEGO Dimensions

Christopher Lloyd is a man who’ll jump at any chance to don a Hawaiian shirt, stand in front of a wind machine and shout “Great Scott!” A new LEGO Dimensions trailer is as good a reason as any.


Good old Doc Brown is getting his own Fun Pack when LEGO Dimensions launches this September, adding $9.99 or so to the large amount of cash LEGO fans need to stockpile for the September release. He’ll join Back to the Future’s Marty McFly as well as characters from Scooby Doo, DC Comics, Portal, Doctor Who, Jurassic World, The Simpsons, The LEGO Movie, Ninjago, Chima, Lord of the Rings and whatever other properties WB and LEGO can scrounge up for their toys-meets-games jam.

Where we’re going we’ll just need our wallets.



I’m so sad about this. I want to play this game in theory, but I have no interest in purchasing the accompanying and necessary toys. This particular business model, while successful for the companies, is one I don’t wish to support — not out of any ideological opposition but because I don’t have the funds nor the physical space in my house for more crap. A Lego game that remixes my favourite properties? Yay! A Lego game that requires a constant influx of cash in order to deepen the playing experience? Nay!

I suppose I’ll wait for more information on the specifics before making my decision to purchase, but at this point, this model does not interest me and that makes me sad.