Good ol' commenter Uncle Jesse returns to the Speak Up on Kotaku spotlight today, wondering if any of you actually use those convenient microphones they attach to today's newfangled headsets.

I was playing some Gears last night and not one person was using a mic, so I left mine on mute as well. Then one guy just shouted, "DOES ANYONE HAVE A MIC?!" after about 20 minutes of silent, team deathmatch. I switched mine on and we started chatting. Then, wouldn't you know it, about 6 other people must have done the same and we all started talking and went from getting mopped up to winning!


Do you guys use your mics or do you just have them on your head, listening to everyone else but not saying a word yourself? I know it's kind of weird playing with strangers and just chatting, and sometimes you run into 'those people', but last night was the first time I actually was engaged and using my mic. Normally, I'm guilty of just listening in on everyone else.

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