Do You Recognize This War For Cybertron Preorder Bonus?

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Transformers: War for Cybertron is all about exploring the original Cybertronian Wars through the eyes of reimagined first generation Transformers. Then who the hell is this Amazon preorder-exclusive multiplayer character?

As we've mentioned previously, Gamestop customers who preorder War for Cybertron will score a code to unlock cold, emotionless Shockwave for multiplayer play. Now Activision reveals the Amazon-exclusive preorder character, and it isn't a Generation One character at all.


If you need a clue, check the eyes.

Yes, that's Demolishor, Megatron's most loyal soldier from the Transformers: Armada cartoon. In that series he transformed into a futuristic tank-looking thing. Later, in the Transformers: Energon cartoon, Demolishor worked with the Autobots, betrayed the reborn Megatron, died, and was reborn as a dump truck.

So there you are, game purchasers. A one-eyed tank that's destined to become a dump truck. Enjoy!

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Considering that a non G1 character is in the game, I wonder if they will have a cult but obscure G1 character or a japanese G1 bot in the series. It would be rad to see a character like Starsaber (not the sword) or Banzaitron