Do You Know Who's Doing The Japanese TV Theme For Bayonetta? We Do

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Songstress MiChi will be lending her tune "Something" to the Bayonetta television campaign.

She won't actually be lending her song. We imagine she'll get paid by SEGA — with money even! This is the first TV theme for MiChi, who was worried about which tune should be used to help match the mode of the game.

"Wow... This game, it's not your typical game," says the singers. "There's something deep about it... Tons of inspiration flowed out. This strong woman called Bayonetta has to keep fighting because she is searching for something, and somewhere there's sympathy, and you identify with her." See? Deep!


Those who aren't familiar with the half-British, half-Japanese MiChi, check out her single "Kiss Kiss XXX" and "ChaNge the WoRLd".

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Am i the only one who's getting a Mugshot vibe off this photo?