Do You Have Ten Hours? Over a Hundred? This Post Is for You.

YouTube user TehN1ppe posts ten hour clips. Ten hours! Ten hours of endless loops, like Mario climbing a vine. For ten hours. Or Mudkip. Yep, Mah, Hiep, Mah, Hiep. For ten hours.


Or Nyan Cat. For ten hours. Or epic sax guy. For ten hours. Trololo? Ten hours.

As website Game Set Watch points out, TehN1ppe is taking advantage of YouTube's newish ten hour upload limit. Maybe "taking advantage" isn't the best word choice.

Maybe you can do a barrel roll and watch one of this YouTuber's clips for ten hours straight. Guile's theme might go with everything, but does it go with ten hours?

Ten minutes is more my speed.

Ten hour videos [Kottke via GameSetWatch]



That kind of people is trash.

I don't have anything pleasant to say about those bandwidth hogging freaks.

For a single worthless video of those, 60 (i said SIXTY) of far more interesting videos could have their rightful place.

People keep getting angrier by the second with the constant rise in advertising on YT, but no one refers these idiots for the ever increasing storage needs on YT.

I just did a little test to see how much storage space does that single video requires on YT

I use JDownloader's linkgrabber funtion to see how much space does all the quality variant versions of that video take.

here's an image link i made.


Oh man!

This is scary, that one single video takes >>> 3.44Gb <<< of storage on YT.

Fuck that, i'm gonna flag every single one of those videos as spam, which is exactly what they are, plain and simple.