Developer Cryptic has answers. In the first round of Star Trek Online developer Q&As, lead designer Al "Captain Geko" Rivera, executive producer Craig "Zinc" Zinkievich, and their nicknames answer probing questions. For example: How much of the game will stick to the canon? Captain Geko answers:

Every series and movie is considered canon, and we are staying very true to this in our development. Star Trek is rich with lore and history, and there is a great deal of material to build upon as we move into the 25th century with Star Trek Online. We are working with CBS to ensure that everything we create is true to Trek and makes sense.


We know that fans want to play Star Trek Online because they want to explore the Star Trek universe, and we are striving to deliver as authentic an experience as possible. Our team has seen all the shows and movies and we're watching them again every single day. We are also studying other soft canon resources such as novels and comics. From those, we are looking for inspiration and references to further enhance our game. Where it makes sense, we will include some soft canon elements in Star Trek Online as well.More questions and answers over at the official site. No more nicknames, though.
Ask Crytic [Star Trek Online Thanks, Commodore Jason!]