Dream C Club, the Xbox 360 game that lets players booze with Japanese hostesses, has launched its official website. Before entering the site, users are asked a question:

Do you have a pure heart?

Well... Do you? Those that click "Yes" will be able to enter the site. The honest ones who click "No" will be prevented from entering. "I'm sorry, but only those with a pure heart are able to enter," the website reads.


As we previously pointed out, the game features a drinking system called "IIS," which has players control their drinking using the Xbox 360 controller's analog stick and try to get the hostess shitfaced so she'll talk about personal things she normally wouldn't. "IIS" stands for "Interactive Inshu System" with "inshu" being Japanese for "drinking alcohol."

There's a system for talking with the hostess as well. Called "ETS" (Emotional Talk System), it gives players three response choices using the X, A, and B buttons on the Xbox 360 controllers.

Dream C Club is expected to be out this summer in Japan. So, if you are planning on buying Dream C Club and planning on accessing this game's website, lie.

Dream C Club [Official Site via Canned Dogs]

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